M The Myth – One Night

Zee Will – Go The Distance

Cockamamie Jamie – Brix

TajhShaniEvans – In My Face

TajhShaniEvans – Something New

TajhShaniEvans – Getaway

Carson Lueders – Try Me

Valley Boys – Rewind Rap

TajhShaniEvans – Good For You

TajhShaniEvans – Control

TajhShaniEvans – Cloudy Day

TKay Maids – Glorious

Carson Lueders – Feels Good

TajhShaniEvans – Come My Way

Kay Caldwell – WednesKay

Carson Lueders – Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Jacob Joyner – So Right

BK – Sun God Season

Moonery – Half Way Around The World (Moonery Cover)

BK – Conscious Colors